Ways to Slow Down Aging


Aging brings with it decline of cognitive senses and others problems related to heart and other vital organs. If you are equally happy with the same enthusiasm that you had in your teens to welcome your birthday, rather than getting scared of it, then you must count yourself among the lucky ones.

But time waits for none and each one of us is bound to age. The beauty lies in how well you age. Here are some tips to slow down aging in a healthy way.

Hit the Bed at Regular Times

We tend to push lot of household chores towards the end of the day which takes away some chunk of our night time sleep. Each passing year can bring some changes in our sleep patterns. Even though the recommended sleep time for an adult is 7-8 hours, it could get altered as per your body needs. Not setting your alarm clock will tell you exactly for how much time your body needs rest.

De-Sweeten Your Taste Buds

Sugar attacks proteins and forms harmful molecules that accentuate the aging process. The more is the sugar intake, the bigger is the damage done to proteins that take away the skin’s firmness and elasticity. This leads to skin sagging with wrinkles. Once you hit 35, watch your sugar consumption. While completely eliminating the saccharine flavors may not be possible, restricting it to just 10 percent of the calorie intake should work better.

Keep Stress at Bay

Stress is notorious for raising blood pressure consequently pushing down immunity. If it is not managed on time, stress can interfere with normal healing process.  Over a protracted period, it can harden your ageing arteries and is capable of diminishing areas of brain that are best put to use in memory and mood. But you may choose to stay happy by distressing yourself regularly. Deep breathing technique is number one anti-stress pick of most health care experts.

No Smoke and Less Alcohol

Smoking not only destroys your lungs, but also damages blood vessels that feed your brain with nutrients and oxygen. Even 1 cigarette a day can take you closer to getting old by a couple of years. Combine alcohol with this, and you have a double whammy. Heavy smokers and drinkers exhibit 30 percent faster cognitive decline. As for alcohol, the key lies in moderation. Limit yourself to one drink a day and lower your risk of dementia.