Things to Know Before Taking Dietary Supplements


Dietary supplements definitely have remarkable benefits. They eliminate the scarcity of specific natural nutrients in one’s body and replenish it.

Some Dietary Supplements Cannot Cure Major Diseases

To date, no supplement is proven to cure any major diseases. Although FDA warns the companies from making such claims, you could still find such claims on some of the products. So, they should be purchased with much caution.

Care with Over-the-Counter Drugs

Over-the-counter drugs are available at local drugstore or supermarket and can be taken without doctor’s prescription. Though these drugs do not require any doctors’ prescription, you should always consult a doctor before taking them. The reason being, some of them might contain active ingredient phenylpropanolamine (PPA) which can increase the risk of stroke.

Herbal Diet Supplements – A Better Option

Often labeled as ‘all natural’, herbal diet supplements are available in health and nutrition stores and regular supermarkets and do not require any medical prescription. These supplements are also monitored by FDA and contain food products as opposed to drugs. So, they are a safer choice as compared to the supplements containing drugs.

Read Warning Labels Carefully

Even though you are buying a supplement on doctor’s prescription, you should check the warning labels and dangers of supplement before buying it. Some supplements may offer general warnings, for example, product use if nursing or pregnant, while some may prompt about possible unnamed drug interactions.

Vitamin and Mineral Overdose

Excess of anything is bad. Large (or even normal) doses of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K may interfere with certain prescription medications. Consuming too much iron or calcium may also result in adverse effects.

Some Supplements Are Risky

Time and again, FDA receives serious complaints associated with dietary supplements. A large number of such issues are recorded with FDA every year including deaths, serious injuries, and hospitalizations and other serious medical events. So, be extremely careful before buying them.