Safety and First Aid Tips for Kids


Every parent has experiences shouting ‘no’ to their kids as they try to climb up the stair or want to reach the stove. However, parents do not have to stop just there as kids are always exploring things paying little attention to their safety. But, as kids have an excellent capacity to learn, parents should go on to teach them about how to react to emergencies whether they are indoors or outdoors. Here are some of the best child safety tips to teach your kids.

Controlling Bleeding

Kids always love to play and get involved in exploring things which also comes with some side effects. They are frequently prone to injuries and cuts while playing around things. Kids should be taught how to stop flow of blood to control bleeding at a very young stage. A simple thing such as just putting some pressure on the wound or the cut is enough to stop bleeding. After all, you don’t want them to wait for help when they are hurt or when their siblings or friends might need help.

Fire Safety

Together with hot foods and liquids, fire and electric contact can cause burns and scarring in children. Then there is the risk of fire catching their clothes or that of their siblings or peers. Children should be taught to soak small burns in cool running water or to drop and roll if at all the situation arises. Teach them how important it is to put off fire immediately if it has still not caused any harm to anyone. Let them practice, so that they’ll be quick if the situation requires.

Exit Plan

It is as much important to know the fire and other emergency exits of your home or any other building where you reside, even for a short time, as it is important about teaching emergency and fire safety for children. After all, just waking up to a smoking alarm and looking for help is not simply enough when it comes to teaching safety tips for kids. Kids should know where to go and how to use things in advance. Why not try playing a game where going first to a quickest safety place is rewarded?

Water Safety

Kids are always excited when it comes to playing in water. Parents should make sure that there is always a fence and pool cover if they have an indoor pool or going to place where there is a swimming pool. They should be rehearsed about wearing all the safety gear and even help their siblings in getting things right. If you are taking them outdoors for rafting or swimming, make sure that you have a plan to teach them how get out of emergency situations safely and quickly.

Avoiding Dog Bites

You pet dog doesn’t not know that it is really bad behaviour biting junior – or any other kid for that matter. Sometimes it may be others pets that do not know not to bite. And the possibly worst scenario is some stray dog wandering through the park where your kids are playing. In any case, dogs bite kids a lot. Teach your kids to stay out of dogs – especially during summer when dogs are cranky and hot and the kids spend more time outdoors. Teach kids how to avoid them and what to do if dogs approach.

Calling Emergency Services

Calling emergency services is not a game that kids should play and they should be taught that it is not a toy. After all, you don’ want to find yourself talking about your annoyance and your kids’ mischief to the emergency authorities. However, kids need to know whom to call in emergency and know the difference on using a mobile phone and a home phone.