FitHouse Makes Fitness Classes More Affordable


It seems that fitness comes at a cost. For New Yorkers, it costs an average $35 per session. No wonder there are an increasing number of fitness classes spread across NYC but the price too looks like being adding up.

New Yorkers pay an average $45 for fitness classes ranging from 2 to 4 hours and if they want to stretch the sessions to eight or twelve classes a month, they have to pay $135. No wonder, sweating out in those gyms is a costly business.

But help comes here in the form of FitHouse – a new start-up focusing on fitness – which charges $99 for unlimited fitness classes a month.

Until now, traditional models like thee ClassPass offered their subscribers access to fitness classes that were run by other instructors and studios. FitHouse aims at offering its members more control over their fitness experience as it is building a fitness studio of its own.

FitHouse’s founder Clément Benoit said this new strategy will give them more control over the experience and a bigger chunk of revenue which they will distribute among the instructors and the users.

Wait, there’s more to it than you think! Benoit further added that their business will also have an approach towards real estate in the area as the studio is planning to take over empty spaces in the city that require minimum investment to get them ready for the classes.

As of now, it’s signing leases for a period of six months and looks for a possible extension long term to set up more new locations across the city.

FitHouse recently opened its first studio in the city’s Bowery neighbourhood and aims to launch 12 more across different locations.

Benoit is busy working on the engines and is already attracting some of the best instructors by putting them in the front row for all FitHouse’s marketing and scheduling. He’s also be paying them anything from 10 to 25 percent more compared to what they’d normally make. However, the instructors won’t be working for FitHouse exclusively.