Best Foods For Healthy Hair


Same as skin, the hair is an outward sign of your inside health. It is everyone’s dream to have long, strong and shiny hair, but how many are able to fulfill it? Of course, the health of your hair depends mainly on genetics, age, hormonal deficiencies and the environments which you live in.

Along with these factors, paying attention to your diet and nutrition is also very critical. Each strand of hair is made up of a strong protein called keratin. Instead of relying on shampoos and conditioners, give your hair a proper nutrition through foods. Try these list of best foods for healthy hair.

Eggs  Best Foods For Healthy Hair Eggs

1 Eggs

Hair strands are completely made up of protein, so ensure that you have enough protein in your daily intake. Eggs are the richest source of protein which forms the building blocks for your hair. They also contain a B-vitamin, biotin that is essential for your hair growth and healthy scalp. Try to eat protein rich and biotin-rich foods for healthy-shiny hair.


Citrus Rich Foods  Best Foods For Healthy Hair Citrus

2 Citrus Rich Foods

Iron to get properly absorbed into your body, you need Vitamin C. Studies suggest, one medium sized lime is enough to get your daily dose of vitamin C. You can make a chilled glass of lemon juice and sip it. Vitamin C also helps in the production of collagen. Citrus rich foods include lime, lemon, oranges and some berries.

Dark Leafy Greens  Best Foods For Healthy Hair Green Leafs

3 Dark Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables are great for your health, especially spinach. Iron is the essential mineral that is required by the keratinocytes. In fact, iron deficiency leads to hair loss. Leafy greens are rich in folate that helps in the formation of red blood cells, which carries oxygen to different parts of your including the hair follicles.

Nuts and Seeds  Best Foods For Healthy Hair Nuts and Seeds

4 Nuts and Seeds

Thickening of hair need foods rich in healthy fats such as omega-3-fatty acids. As these healthy fats are not produced inside your body, they need to be supplemented through your diet. Deficiency of omega-3’s contributes to hair thinning, dandruff and psoriasis. So eat omega-3 rich foods such as almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, salmon and mackerel.


Carrots  Best Foods For Healthy Hair Carrots

5 Carrots

Carrots are popular root vegetables packed with vitamin A. Drinking carrot juice or consuming it directly on a regular basis will stimulate your hair growth. Vitamin A also helps in the production of sebum oil which keeps the hair roots healthy. They are very effective in combating hair loss.