5 Tips To Help Manage Stress


While stress is inevitable and part of everyone’s life, how well you manage stress will have an impact on your health. Here are some proven ways that help you deal with stress.

Stress occurs when demands including those of work and relationship seem to overpower your ability to cope up with them. While a little amount of stress can be beneficial at times providing you the energy to get over with your exams or workload, extreme amounts of stress can have a negative impact on your overall health and may even disturb you emotionally. Here are 5 tried and tested ways to help you deal with both short and long-term stress.

1. Control Your Mind

It is always better to accept that you cannot control everything. Try to change your perspective: Is the situation really as bad as you think or is the problem with your thinking? Be honest to yourself and analyse if your habits are causing your stress. If so, take productive steps to manage your stress and admit to yourself that stress is a normal part of life.

2. Identify Your Stress Triggers

Take a random week in your life and write down what’s triggering your stress generally. Whenever you feel stressed, just make a note of what you’re thinking at that very moment. This will help you in identifying the stress patterns and also reflect how you normally reacted to stressful situations. As you move on, you’ll know what makes your stress go away at any moment.

3. Develop Healthy Ways to Manage Stress

More often, people tend to choose unhealthy habits to deal with stress like smoking, drinking, staying away from family and friends, and over-scheduling their day to escape stress. Rather than doing any good, these habits will lead to problems related to health and cause depression and anxiety. Instead, inculcate healthy habits like doing some exercise or spending time with your loved ones as this will boost your mood and reduce your stress.

4. Meditate

Meditation helps you achieve a conscious state of mind. Further, your ability to relax and focus more on what’s important in your life will increase with meditating. It will also develop habits of forgiveness and self-compassion so that you’ll find new perspectives in life. Mindfulness that is achieved through meditation will also release any emotions that have been causing your stress.

5. Get Social Support

It’s always not possible for everyone to deal with stress all by themselves. If you find yourself in the same situation, call a friend or someone with whom you can share your feelings and concerns. But make sure that people you want to rely during your stressful conditions offer trusted and valuable solutions.

Whenever you are feeling anxious or stressed, just make sure that you control your mind to know the triggers and learn to maintain a healthy and positive attitude. Also, train your body with exercise and well-balanced eating habits that will help you cope with stress. Taking some time out for yourself to learn relaxation techniques or talking with someone you can trust will also help you break away from everyday stress.