5 Common Signs of Hormone Deficiency in Women


Hormone imbalance leads to a series of health issues in women. Know about the common signs of hormone imbalance and how to deal with it.

Hormonal changes affect all women right from their birth. But for most of the time, hormone deficiency and imbalance are mostly attributed to just aging women. While many think that this something only women in their 40s and 50s need to worry about, women in their 30s are also mostly affected by imbalance of hormones restricting them to lead a normal life. The sooner this condition is dealt with, the better it will be for every woman. Here are 5 common signs of hormone deficiency in women explained.

1. Persistent Weight Gain

Lifestyle components like good diet and physical activities help in maintaining a healthy weight. But more often, these factors are unaddressed given the typical busy schedule of women. Eliminate processed foods, sugars and wheat from your diet to deal with hormonal imbalance. You’ll very soon know that maintaining a healthy weight is not that difficult at all.

2. Decreased Libido

Disturbed sleep and fatigue are some major symptoms of hormonal imbalance. And it doesn’t just stop there. The low quality of sleep goes on to affect the production of estrogen and other sex hormones resulting in low sex drive and loss of desire. So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it time that you should value exercise and nutrition.

3. Digestion Problems

Slow digestion, bloating and gas trouble are also common signs of hormonal imbalance in women. However, these symptoms may also show up due to bad food choices, eating too much and not chewing your food properly. The nutrient extraction that your body requires from the food you intake ceases with bad food. Make healthy food choices.

4. Change in Menstrual Cycles

Too little or too much of estrogen or progesterone levels result in irregular periods which is another common symptom of hormone imbalance. Sometimes, you don’t have periods for months together and you may also notice excess bleeding when you have one. Dealing with this issue at the earliest is better in many ways as it might be also a sign of ovarian cysts.

5. Food Cravings

Excess eating and craving for more food is another symptom for hormonal imbalance. While other reasons like insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue cannot be ruled out, changes in hormones is the leading cause for many women. Limiting your intake of dairy products, sugar, wheat and alcohol will not only help you deal with the hormone issue but also improve your digestive issues.

There are many other symptoms including frequent mood swings and depression, hot flashes, hair loss and other issues. Women should also be aware that many of these symptoms can also be the result of other physical problems. A simple blood test will help in knowing any underlying reasons. As a way of prevention, ensure that you manage your health properly with enough sleep, good physical activity and stress management.