5 Best Ways to Manage Diabetes During Pregnancy


It’s common knowledge that pregnancy comes with a horde of challenges, and this is compounded if the mom-to-be is diabetic. But it’s not that hard! Today, most women with diabetes experience a safe pregnancy and delivery.

This has been possible largely due to good blood glucose control, which necessitates adherence to a diet, frequent daily monitoring and periodic insulin adjustment. To start with, the blood sugar level has to be brought under control at least three to six months before conception because high glucose levels in the mother’s blood raises the risk of birth defects almost tenfold. Here are the 5 best way to manage diabetes during pregnancy.

Happy is Healthy

The well-being of a pregnant woman is the key to a healthy pregnancy. While physical health is often the focus of a diabetic woman during, prior, or post pregnancy, her mental health is closely linked to her physical health. She must refrain from being tense and it is her family’s responsibility to ensure she is not worried, anxious, sad, or stressed.

Food For Thought

Diet plays a crucial role throughout. It is important for the mum-to-be to include adequate levels of nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamins C, B6 and E, protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre in her diet. As the food intake tends to increase during pregnancy, the body also needs enough calories to meet the increased energy and nutrient requirements.

Burn Some Calories

Serious health complications usually target an overweight or obese woman with diabetes during her pregnancy. Therefore, exercise becomes a key element of the diabetes treatment. Regular physical activity is entirely safe for a pregnant woman. It helps her offset some of the problems of pregnancy, such as varicose veins, leg cramps, fatigue and constipation.

Time Those Tests

Once a diabetic woman gets pregnant, the changes in her body also affect her blood glucose level. Pregnancy can make the symptoms of low blood glucose hard to detect. Some diabetic women also face trouble with their blood sugar after giving birth. A diabetic woman must not only check her fasting or pre-meal level but all three post-meal sugar levels.

Start Beforehand

It is a lesser known fact among women nowadays that opting for effective preconception care leads to improvement in the pregnancy outcome, especially in diabetic women. It is not only crucial for the baby but also good for the woman’s health. A visit to the diabetologist is a must to assess the overall condition.