Take a Look at the Best Street Food London Has to Offer


Are you a foodie on a budget and are looking for best places to pamper yourself with the best street food London has to offer? Well, street food in London not only helps you save money, but it is also a beat way to get a quick bite without having to wait in long queues common in most restaurants in London.

Pack your wet wipes and head out to these stunning street food markets in London to soothe your hunger pangs.

Borough Market

This food market in the Leather Lane is sure to entice anyone with its mouth-watering dishes and delicious fragrances. It not at all audacious to say that this is outright the best and famous food market in London. The quality and quantity of the food offered here is also very huge with just the right balance between fresh produce and meals and snacks that you can eat right away. You cannot contain your excitement until you have eaten from a couple of stalls.

Camden Market

The Camden Market is not only famous for the variety of the food it offers but also for the vintage clothes and random knick knacks that everyone wants to take home with pride. The market is so large that you can spend literally hours together just wandering in the streets and browsing through the wares and not know it at all. The market has everything from burritos to pizzas and cult cafes and terrace bars.

Maltby Street Market

This street market opened in the year 2010 in south London and is considered a hidden gem among both the residents and London travellers. It offers great food and high quality items that everyone wants to take back home. While it is indeed famous for gourmet street food, bars and fresh produce, it is not limited to just that. This London back-water is now a popular weekend destination and has 31 traders offering something for everyone.

Broadway Market

This food market is a firm favourite among the locals and it deserves this place so rightly due to its fresh food and the variety it offers for every food lover. It is kind of a kaleidoscope to unique tastes and cultures and the traders here always make sure to entertain and feed you until you can move no more. Together with fresh produce and authentic London street food, the market is also known for its original clothing, arts and crafts that spell London.

Leatherlane Market

This food market in London is so full of deliciousness that you are sure to find something you like here regardless of your preferences. From ready to eat meals to snacks and favourite foods from across the region, this market is kind of down to earth and a little scruffy and lacks pretention that many other markets boast. The choice of food here ranges from fresh fruits and vegetables that are offered in many stalls to a lot of cheap eats that are too delicious to resist.