Best Signature Food Dishes from Around the World


There are a number of amazing dishes out there in the world that make you remember the country that serves them every time you think of it.

Whether it is the buttered popcorn of the United Sates that takes your love for popcorn to a new level or the potato chips that remind you of the United Kingdom every time you nibble some, here is a list of some of the world’s most loved signature dishes.

Tacos, Mexico

A unique Mexican food that is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it includes fresh and handmade tortillas that are stuffed with grilled meat and fried over an oil-rubbed pan. Its ingredients including sea salt, cilantro, salsa, onions and guacamole make it so perfect to taste that no visitor to this country leaves without having tasted few.

Chicken Parmigiana, Australia

This was earlier considered by the food lovers as a dish having its roots in Italy. But since Australians have started to make it so wonderfully, you cannot argue if they claim it to be their signature food. The dish contains a tender chicken fillet that is topped lavishly with parmesan and mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and pepper.

Lasagna, Italy

Food lovers across the world say that these Lasagnas are so good that you just cannot have one. Probably, that’s the reason they have made it with so many layers. It comes second only to the pizza which is again from Italy. Pasta is layered with minced meat in between and it is infused with fresh tomato sauce so perfectly that it works for any occasion.

Masala Dosa, India

Considered as the best pancake of the world, masala dosa is a mix of spicy and mashed potato that is encased by a crispy rice-batter crepe. It’s so fantastic that you’ll definitely want to come for another after you had just had one. It is perfect when dipped in a chutney made out of coconuts or a garlic based sweet-n-hot pickle.

Chicken Rice, Singapore

This is considered by many as the national dish of Singapore. Fragrant and oily rice is served hot with a tender boiled chicken over it and spiced up with pounded ginger. Some of the variants of this signature dish include soy sauce or roasted chicken. It is complemented with some dipping sauces and a sliced cucumber to give it that extra oomph that you’ve always wanted.