Best Foods to Stay Active All Day


You need more energy to stay active and to get perfectly through your busy day. All we do often is have our daily meals at regular intervals and also snack upon to get the energy we need.

But did you know that a diet rich in proteins and carbs will make your dull very soon? On the other hand, eating energy boosting foods and a diet rich in minerals and vitamins helps you be energetic throughout the day. Here are some of the best foods to stay active all through the day.


Apart from helping to control deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes, lentils are also known to better fight the fatigue which is why they should be part of your daily diet if you want to stay active all the day. They are also rich in amino-acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins and give you an instant energy boost.


If you are confining this miracle fruit just to be a part of your post- or pre-workout diet, you better make some changes to your diet immediately. It is full of carbs but is also an instant energy booster. As this is rich in potassium – and scarcity of potassium leads to physical weakness – having one or two as part your first meal will quickly give the energy you need.


Walnuts are packed with plant protein and considered as essential brain food given their higher concentration of omega-3 fats essential for everyone. They are also rich in fibre and essential nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis together with calcium that aids in bone-building. Having a fistful of these nuts every morning will make sure that you have high levels of energy throughout the day.

Dark Chocolate

If you have been thinking that sources of high energy are tasteless, you need to better think again. What makes more delicious than munching on a piece of your favourite dark chocolate and be full of energy until the evening? Dark chocolates are full of anti-oxidants that are healthy for the heart not to mention its caffeine that acts as a stimulant to stay active and also improve your metabolism.