Best Food Delivery Apps in India


The hustle and bustle of today’s busy lives spares us little time to cook for ourselves leave alone making our favourite dishes at home.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to go hungry or forget about gulping down your favourite dishes. There are some wonderful food delivery apps in India that let you focus on your work or enjoy your time with family while getting the choice of your food delivered at your doorstep. Here are some of them.


Started back in 2008, Zomato online food delivery offers a wide selection of place to eat your favourite food. It is, however, not just limited to food delivery but also allows the users to review about a place they’ve recently dined at, book tables, place food orders and have a look at the menus of different restaurants. Better call it a food service rather than just a food delivery app.


This food delivery app serves across multiple places in India and has many restaurants on its panel with its own deliver personnel who collect and deliver food to your home or office. With Swiggy, you can track your order live and can also get food from your favourite restaurants even it is far. Customers also benefit from the coupons and discounts this app offers to save some extra bucks.

Food Panda

This mobile food delivery market place operates in more than 11 countries and has a very huge restaurant database from which users can order their food. It further allows the users to set up their own profile so s to include their favourite restaurants and save multiple addresses. This one too offers coupons and coupons so the customers can bring down the price on their orders.


FreshMenu was started in 2014 but is still not available in many regions yet. But that shouldn’t stop it from being one of the best food services app. What makes FreshMenu different from others is that they offer food from their own kitchen as opposed to other apps and services that pick up an order from a restaurant and deliver to the users. They’ve also launched a membership program called FreshClub where users can avail extra 10 percent discount together with free delivery.