6 Easy Seafood Dinner Ideas


Finding the right recipe for dinners has never been easy and that’s not because you are short of dinner recipes but because you have tons of options.

To wind it down for a quick selection, here are some of the best seafood dinner recipes that you can fancy out on busy days as all these dinner ideas are quick to make and healthy for you. After reading the list, you’ll be sure that serving the dinners was never quite easy.

1. Salmon with Mustard and Fries

This Salmon dish with mustard dill is one ultimate and easy seafood recipe that will save your evening time and makes sure that everyone will be at the dinner table promptly. This simple and super dinner is just right for the busy week nights and is so tasty that you can even try this for entertaining your guests during parties.

2. Fish Sandwiches with Honey and Lime

This is a gluten-free fish sandwich recipe that is perfectly paired with lime and honey for a tangy and lovely flavour. It is very crispy and ideal to eat with a loaf of bread sprinkled with some pepper on top.

3. Grilled Fish Tacos

This recipe will take the amazing tacos and fish combination to the next level and is considered a must-try food during the summers. It uses a mix of flavours to bring life to the tacos. It tastes better when the tortillas are grilled and topped with bits of pineapple.

4. Salmon and Salad

Salmon is covered in light dressing of leafy greens in this Asian-inspired dinner idea. Smoked salmon slices and peeled and sliced avocado together with some chicory leaves will make it a super salad that everyone will love to have for dinner.

5. Shrimp and Quinoa

This is one of the delicious, healthy and crazy shrimp recipes that kids will definitely love to have. The dish offers different tastes and textures as this twisty quinoa bowl is completely full of healthy toppings including broccoli, peppers and shrimp. You can even add a dash of avocado to add taste and flavour.

6. Shrimp and Coconut Rice

This could make a quick and good side dish rather than being the main course. Long grain brown rice is continuously stir-cooked and the addition of coconut milk adds a kind of creamy flavour to the dish. Addition of some veggies and red chillies will make it a dish that is packed with a punch.