5 Healthy Foods That May Fool You


It’s hard enough to get your family to eat right. You don’t want to waste months persuading them to try a new food and then find out it’s a nutritional dud. Many products in supermarkets and restaurants have a ‘health halo’, they sound better than they are. It’s easy for families to get duped.

You don’t have time to add diet detective to the jobs you already juggle and While these foods don’t live up to their stellar reputation. Here are the 5 healthy foods that may fool you.

Energy Bars

No doubt they’re convenient, but “energy” is code for calories, mostly in the form of refined grains and added sweeteners. Manufacturers need to list sugar first, if a product contains more of it than any other ingredient. To get around that rule, some companies use several different sources of sugar, so be sure to read through the whole list of ingredients. If you still want a store-bought bar, look for ones that a are fruit- or nut-based.

Gluten-Free Foods

With so many products plastered with gluten-free labels on supermarket shelves, you have to wonder: Should you be skipping gluten? If you have celiac disease, you should definitely avoid gluten. But the rest of us don’t need to be concerned. There’s no evidence that eliminating gluten will help boost weight loss. In fact, many gluten-free foods have the same, if not more, calories than gluten-containing counterparts and fewer nutrients like fibre.

Multigrain Bread or Pasta

Think you’re getting loads of wholegrains? Maybe, maybe not. Multigrain simply means that more than one type of grain was used in making the product. Some brands have a bit of wholegrains. The rest are refined, stripped of antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients during processing. Look for brands that have been labelled 100% wholegrain or 100% wholewheat and always be sure to carefully check the entire list of ingredients.

Fruit Yogurt

True, yogurt is packed with protein and calcium, which are important. What’s the problem? The sugar. While yogurt contains naturally occurring sweetness from milk, most fruit-flavoured brands have at least two teaspoons of added sugar. Yogurt is too healthy to eliminate altogether. So the best bet is to buy plain low-fat yogurt and stir in summer-sweet, ripe mashed berries or banana slices to make it tasty.

Sports Drinks

You snuck in a quick power walk around the soccer field during your daughter’s practice and grabbed a sports drink afterward. Good move? Not really, for either of you. Unless children or adults have been exercising strenuously for an hour or more in the heat or sweating a lot, these drinks are unnecessary. Freeze a few water bottles before heading outdoors so they’ll still be super cold when you’re ready to take a swig.