Wardrobe Essentials for Everyone

Wardrobe essentials are common with every clothing cabinet and the one that misses these items is not considered perfect. These clothing and accessories never go out of fashion or lose their chic appeal.

In other words, they serve as the building blocks to that perfect wardrobe that everyone dreams of having. So, if you want your wardrobe to do a good job in advertising your personality, then the things mentioned below are necessary.

White Tees

A white t-shirt both for men and women is considered quite classic. Go for the super-soft t-shirts that will help you in leading a lived-in, fit and relaxed life. You can either go for t-shirts in V-neck style or crewneck style. Both the styles look perfect and sexy.

Crewneck Sweater

A crewneck sweater is light in weight and it is utterly useful during the spring and the fall months. These sweaters can be worn with almost any outfit and they are always helpful in making an exclusive statement. They can also be used during the weekends.

White Button-downs

There are a number of things that a white button-down can do both for men and women. It adds a very crisp polish to off-duty and work uniform. This one suits all seasons no matter whether you are looking for spring wardrobe essentials or fall wardrobe essentials.

Leather Jacket

This is an outerwear essential that should make its way into every wardrobe. Investing in a leather jacket is always worth the money spent because it can easily be worn all round the year.

Khakis and Blacks

Khaki pants can be bought at any price point, but you need to be careful about the fit. They make you look smart and they can easily be worn for almost any occasion. A fashionable pair of black pants featuring a very flattering knit helps in keeping with fashion trends and it can also be used for multitasking. Black pants are wardrobe staples which can be worn with almost anything in the closet.

Jeans in Solid Colors

Jeans is another wardrobe staple that helps in making a very casual but fashionable statement at work and even for a casual date. Go for the designer jeans available in solid colors. They might be a bit expensive, but they look stylish.


A masculine, oversized watch adds great interest to the pieces worn to the office and it can also double the effect if worn in the form of a bracelet layered with other pieces of jewelry.

Sunglasses & Bags

Bright frames or sunglasses are considered very cool and they are great at offering a very playful touch to any wardrobe. The best thing is that they can be worn all round the year. Now-a-days, clutch is in fashion, but a small bag with a quality strap is best to be used during the evening.