Style Mistakes to Avoid on a First Date

Are you thinking too much about your attire and fashion to dress perfectly for your first date? First date can really give you give you the jitters that usually come with interviews, public speaking and few other things.

As there are too many thoughts jumbling up our minds, we feel so nervous that we overdo with our fashion and styling. Then there is also the dilemma of picking right clothes. Here are some style mistakes to avoid making a good first impression on your date.

Avoid too much make up

When it comes to make up, less is often more on a first date. You don’t want your make up taking away attention from what you have to say, nor do you want lipstick stains on your teeth. Look out for quick make up tips to help you deal with the situation. The key is to strike the perfect balance. While wearing too little make up isn’t desirable, wearing too much of it is definitely a turn off.

Avoid wearing wrong clothes

Don’t wear wrong clothes when going out for a date. This will not only make you comfortable, but will also make your date feel uneasy. Dress according to the demand of the occasion demands. Also give considerable thought to the location and time of your meeting as this will help you pick right clothes.

Avoid Overdressing

Your first date can be a discomfort enough so you might not want to add it by overdressing and making it embarrassing for your date. Balance is the keyword here. Pick clothes that are appropriate for the season and location and avoid dressing up too much in the process of trying to impress the other party.

Don’t Reveal Too Much

Showing more skin or dressing too sexy on a first date could prove to be a dampener. Leave something to your date’s imagination and instead focus on highlighting one part of the body rather than showing off all your curves.

Don’t wear old clothes

Wearing old clothes for a first date isn’t a good ides even if you are meeting casually. Wear something new or fresh to present yourself more attractively. Instead of wearing whatever is lying on your bed, give a little thought to your dress and wear something that fits you well.