How to Organize Fashion Accessories

If you are aware of the most effective methods of organizing fashion accessories you will be able to avoid the frustrations and the hassles of losing some of your favorite items.

This will also help you in clearing the mess and un-cluttering the mixed up accessories and jewelry in your dressers, drawers, vanities, tabletops, closets, pocketbooks and various other places. This will get you hold of the right things that you can use to create a fashion statement.

Categorize Everything

One of the best ways to organize fashion accessories is to categorize each item and storing them accordingly. If you organize them in categories you will be able to quickly get hold of the things that you actually need during any occasion. Try organizing earrings, bracelets, sunglasses, necklaces and various other accessories according to their individual categories. Also get a clothes organizer to keep your wardrobe tidy all the times.

Shun Old Accessories

Getting rid of old accessories will not only help you in creating more closet space, but will also help you in doing things faster. The accessories that you might not have used during the last six months can be either stored away or donated.

According to Style

If you happen to wear different accessories based on events, try organizing them according to their style. It helps you in going straight to the style that you are looking to flaunt on that particular day and this also saves you from the hassle of going through all the accessories.

Containers, Boxes and Holders

Glass containers or jars can be used for storing accessories ear rings, necklaces and bracelets. This trick works best with those having a large number of accessories. Likely, a sunglass holder helps in organizing all the glasses you have. Jewelry boxes in varied shapes and sizes are considered best jewelry organizers available and save you from the frustration of searching for them when in a hurry.

Shoe Racks and Hangers

Wine boxes can be used to make a strong and creative shoe rack. The shoes rack not only looks stylish but it is also very useful in storing all your shoes in one place. Again, a jewelry hanger comes as a rescue for those looking for a quick answer to hanging their jewelry so that they can get hold of them easily. The hanger is both functional and improves the look of the cabinet.