Newest Urban Fashion Styles for Women to Steal from Catwalk Shows

Urban fashion styles are born in the streets. Most of the ruffian looks that are iconic to the street style fashion emerge from the neighborhoods as opposed to the fashion trends that are dictated by the designers and models from the fashion weeks.

Yet, they have the potential to even influence the most dominant fashion brands and the designers associated with them. Most of the fashion brands and designers associate hip hop fashion and urban styles because they share the same roots. Here are some of the latest urban fashion trends for women that are sure to inspire every fashion aficionado out there.

Baggy Trousers

Everyone feels already comfortable in street style store dresses and wide strides. But have you ever thought of ballooning pants that neatly taper at the ankles so that you can snugly tuck them into your heels? The fashion trend is truly taking off from the streets to the wardrobes of celebrities. So, the next time you buy wide legged pants, don’t forget to tuck them into your boots for the desired effect.

Layered Floral Dresses

Spring summer fashion collection is always full of floral trends because that is what the season is all about and everyone wants to get the vibe. While floral styles are always ground-breaking, wearing head-to-toe floral dresses or layering them is the trend of the season. While the idea may seem a little frightening; wearing statement brights and winning outfits make the style more approachable. Just make sure that your shoes or the clutch bag matches with the dress.

Straight Leg Long Jeans

This is an old school urban street fashion trend that is always coming back. Together with super-rigid and no-stretch jeans that gained popularity very soon, this long jeans took no time to come back to its original form to make the fashion impact that everyone desired for a long. Make your looks complete by complementing this jeans with long and over heels.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are a great addition to any wardrobe and they have made an easy transition from the gyms to the streets. This street style fashion trend just comes in handy when you find that it is too hot to wear regular pants or you just want to have some free moment. They are perfectly paired with loose fitting shirts or even tees. Add a dash to your looks with the addition of overcoat and a chic clutch.

Cheongsam Dress

This dress gives you the obvious sexy look that you’ve always desired in your outfits. It’s actually an updated version of the qipao (chipao) and not as cultural to just limit wearing it for special occasions. This Chinese dress is appropriate for the fashion crowds and can be worn any time of the day. It offers an ultra-ladylike appeal that you always dream of. Pair them with colourful high heels to make the attire complete.