Natural Hair Masks to Straighten Your Hair

Straight hair is stylish, pretty, convenient and never goes out of style. Using heat or chemical straighteners over time will damage your hair’s health. Artificial ways will make your hair dry, frizzy and result in split ends.

Fortunately, there are some methods that will help you to turn your curly or wavy hair into straight and smooth. These methods may take some time but definitely make our hair healthy. Here are some of the natural hair masks to straighten your hair.

Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice

Coconut milk in combination with lemon juice works wonders for your hair. It acts as a natural conditioner and also gives your scalp a vitamin  C boost. This mask makes your hair silky and smooth. To get good desired results try to apply this mask 1-2 times a week. But do not overdo it as that can cause the scalp to save oil reserves.

Hot Oil Treatment

Combine two oils, castor oil and coconut oil in equal proportions and heat it until the combo is lukewarm. Apply this oil to your scalp and massage for about 15 minutes. Do this twice in a week. Castor oil conditions and repairs your hair. Applying this combination of oil will make your hair straight, smooth shiny.

Eggs and Olive Oil

This mask needs 2 whole eggs and 3 tbsp olive oil – whisk them until they’re well combined. Apply the mixture to your hair, leave it for about an hour then wash it off with cold water and mild shampoo. An egg is packed with proteins that nourish your scalp and olive oil works as an excellent conditioner that gives your smooth and silky hair.

Banana and Papaya

Take equal parts of banana and papaya, mash them until you get a smooth paste. Apply this mixture to your hair, leave it for about 45min. or until the mask is dry and wash off with cool water along with a mild shampoo. This hair mask will improve your hair strength by nourishing and conditioning it.

Aloe vera

Mix equal amounts of aloe vera gel and luke-warm olive oil/coconut oil. Apply this mixture to your hair and leave for about 40 min. Aloe vera is packed with hair straitening enzymes which helps in making your hair straight and smooth. The contents of the mask penetrate into your shaft and hydrate it.