Must Have Fashion Accessories For Men

Accessories are very important for men as they add a voice to your exterior personality. These subtle additions which a man carries tells a lot about him and a man’s wardrobe indeed reflects his style.

The right contents in your wardrobe separate you from the rest. Accessories are as important for a man as they are for women. Ensuring that you have the must have accessories in your closet will help you to get ready for any occasion. Here is the list of accessories, not a complete list but a must-have one.


Its better calling a men’s wallet a must have necessity rather an accessory because accessories are optional. Even if you are well dressed, a shabby wallet looks bad, so invest in a premium one as it goes a long way in maintaining your image. Avoid bulky wallets as they can create a bulge in your trousers and ruin your appearance.

A Nice Watch

A watch is the most refined and delicate accessory in your closet and it says a lot about your taste. It’s not just useful to tell the time, you may check the time in your mobiles or tablets but a watch is a watch, defines your style statement. Try to choose a minimalistic and simple styled watch that matches your personality.


To have a fair share to choose from, pick up a few belts in diverse but basic colors (tan, black, brown) and materials (leather, canvas). If possible always try to match your belt with your shoes in color and hue which gets your outfit together.

Pair of Sunglasses/Shades

Shades give you an aura of mystery besides offering protection from the sun. Choose a perfect frame that goes with the shape of your face and suits you the best. You can try out shades of different colors but black and brown seems to be the best. Men who wear spectacles can try a stylish half-rimmed frame.


Investing in a decent bag is imperative as it is a perfect place to store all of your important things such as laptops, tablets in it. Choose a backpack or a weekender bag which is elegant and not too flashy and make sure that it goes with your attire.


A nice pair of shoes can completely upgrade your outfit. Shoes are very easy to spot if the quality is low so be wary while choosing them. Be it dress shoes (brogue, oxford, derby); sneakers or casuals, wear them to the occasion.

While these accessories are not the only ones that you should have in your wardrobe, they make a good choice most of the times and make your attire perfect for almost every occasion. Men’s fashion trends are also something that does not change as frequently as women’s. Make sure to check if you’ve covered them for your next event or an outing.