Men’s Fashion Trends – 5 Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Do you think you can wear anything and get away with it? When it comes to flaunting your looks in style, there are some men’s fashion trends that spell sheer fashion and then there are some mistakes that you need to avoid making right now.

We’ve focused here on some of the common men’s fashion blunders and what actually fits in case. Check out if you’ve been doing them wrongly.

1. Wearing Socks with Sandals

This weird combination seems to be the most up voted sins in the fashion world and should be avoided immediately if you haven’t already. Socks and sandals are never a good pair. Instead, it is better wearing a pair of sneakers without socks.

2. Wearing a Tie with a Short-Sleeved Shirts

All men are equal. But this combination will surely make you separate from others. While a tie paired with a long-sleeved shirt is a classic combination, ties never go well with short-sleeved shirts. A short-sleeved shirt is better worn as it is.

3. Wearing Backpacks with Formals

With office laptops becoming mandatory day-by-day, staying away from this bad style combination seems almost unavoidable. But a back pack with a suit or formal wear is a serious turn off. A better option would be going for a laptop brief or a leather sling bag.

4. Mismatching Accessories with the Outfit

Accessories play a major role in making style statements but most men usually don’t give much importance to them. Make sure that your watch and belt are of the same colour. Don’t try to match your socks with shoes. Instead, they should match with your pant. Good colour-play brings good looks.

5. Wearing Ill-Fitted Clothes

This one is a biggie. Trousers and shirts need to be well tailored and should fit snugly to offer a good look. If they are too tight, it might seem that you’re trying to be a muscle man. If they are too loose, they’ll give a sloppy look. It’s better to know your perfect size and stick to it than experiment.

Whatever you wear, make sure that you suit yourself up for the occasion and play with the right tones and accessories for a flawless look. Most of the fashion faux-pas are not even realized making them repeat. If unnoticed, they’ll become your regular way of style earning grunts and groans from the onlookers. Figure out what you need to correct before someone steps in and shows you how to wear.