Hottest Spring Summer Fashion Trends to Follow

Budding designers and renowned fashion houses all pull up their sleeves to keep up with the pace that summer brings to the world of fashion. No wonder, we find latest trends in both clothing and accessories to suit the season.

From dressing extravagantly to following the good old 80’s or 90’s fashion, summer offers many ways to flaunt your looks. For those who have missed the London, Paris, Milan or New York fashion weeks, here are some of the best spring summer fashion trends for the year.


This is a reinterpretation of the elegance that ruled the yesteryears and is back to make a fresh trend again. Jumpsuits are a staple item and must-have for every wardrobe as they suit every style and body shapes. Just makes sure that you choose to right fit and accessories that blend well with the jumpsuit or it will spoil the very purpose.


While denim will always be a fashion trend, wearing denim on denim is going to be more of a trend in summer. Jeans jackets and even boots made of denim are doing rounds at the fashion shows and this might be something to steal from to pose an all-different look in the season.

Bright Colours

Bright shades of pink and blue are the hottest trends and you can even mix and match different colours to mark your own style. Yellow is also one of the colours that seems to be not going anywhere anytime soon. If you do not want to wear a single colour altogether, you can wear bright outfits on contrasting lowers to make your looks more elegant and romantic.

Dresses on Shirts

One of the latest spring summer fashion trends of all time is to wear slip dresses over simple tees. To make the look even bold, you can try experimenting all kinds of dresses over any type of shirt. If you are too particular about the choice, some of the best pairings would be silk dresses on sporty shirts, flowy dresses on leopard shirts or button downs with exciting outfits.

Printed Dresses

Another way to remain in the mix and match game is to mix different prints and patterns in the same outfits that you wear. To get some inspiration on this latest style, take a look at Gucci, Maison Margiela, Marni and Mary Kartrantzou fashion styles. While this trend is very easy to follow, it all depends on your judgement and creativity to pull the looks in the best way possible.