Grooming Tips for Men

Most of the men focus on perfecting their bodies but fail to focus on their grooming routine. Looking good and presenting yourself in an appealing way makes things easy for you. You don’t need to be beautiful to actually look good.

All you need to do is dress meticulously and look more presentable to make a good impression on others and feel more confident about yourself. Here are a few grooming tips for men that help in rocking your day.

Eliminate Body Odour

Wash your armpits thoroughly with soap and use a deodorant daily. Suitable grooming products for men like deodorants, after-shaves, skin creams and talcs offer irresistible masculinity when they are worn perfectly. Follow the layering rule – after the bath, use an antiperspirant and talcum powder first, then use deodorant and after you’ve dressed, use a perfume.

Make Sure Your Attire Matches You

While many ignore this basic rule, it is very important to dress according to your profession and your lifestyle. There are certain things you need to keep in mind while selecting clothes and accessories. For office, wear subtle colours of grey, ivory, white, light blue or dark colours like navy, olive green or brown. Opt got shirts in solid colours or light stripes together with matching ties.


It is vital for men to have both black and brown shoes. Black shoes match well with black, navy blue or grey trousers and brown shoes blend well with khakis, beige, olive green and mocha trousers. Socks should be in neutral colours like black, brown, grey or muted blue. Make sure that you polish your shoes regularly and avoid looking messy with undone shoes and laces.

Other Accessories

If you pay little attention to small details like your watches, socks and handkerchiefs it will add to your grooming. Also, the kind of wrist watch you wear reflects your lifestyle and tells whether you need a fashion update. Go for watches that have a trendy look for a casual wear.  Choose monochrome or other simple styles that have light leather straps to make them blend perfectly with your attire.

Good food and Exercise

Stay away from oily and fat-rich foods as this helps in improving your skin health and keeps you alert all the day. Include fiber-rich foods, salads, fruits, vegetables and curd in your menu. They’ll help you maintain a clean stomach and keep your skin hydrated. Exercise is good for building energy levels. If you can’t pull out time, a brisk 30-minute walk either in the morning or evening is enough to keep you fit.

Everyone needs a change of scene once in a while. When you have that feel, keep in mind that you have to splash your money over clothes and beauty treatments to look perfectly groomed. All you need is a little know-how about how to wear things and flaunt your style more confidently to look good at all times.