Fashion Tips for Women

Fashion is not just about wearing stylish clothes but it is also about feeling comfortable. The best way to flaunt a perfect style does not come by wearing trendy clothes and heavy fashion accessories but by wearing the right attire that makes you more comfortable.

Rather than following the herd and ending up in embracing what doesn’t suit you, take a look at these simple fashion tips for women that will guide in presenting yourself better at all occasions.

Identify the shape of your body

The basic of all the fashion tips for every woman is to identify the body shape and dress accordingly so that the attire goes well with the personality. Here a few basic things to remember based on your body type.

  •  For shorter women it’s about detecting their area of pettiness. They should wear fitted clothes in soft fabrics with subtle colors and avoid chunky jewels.
  •  Feminine wool-knitted sweaters are perfect for rectangular shaped women.
  •  V-necks, vertical lines and skirts with an upward slit is good for women with pear shaped body.
  •  Busty women should wear such clothes that would divert the attention from the upper half of their body

Wear clothes that compliment your personality

High street fashion trends are stunning yet very simple to follow. They are especially ideal for people dwelling in urban areas. If you are an elegant lady, go for classic cuts, lace, embroidery and clothes in soft colors. Also, remember to dress according to the season. Avoid wearing too much bright colors in winter. Bright colors are for summer and spring, in winter go for slight darker tones.

Team your attire with right kind of accessories

It is kind of an art to know which accessories enhance your looks. Coordinate your wardrobe by grouping a couple of different outfits and matching accessories. Don’t get stuck with similar colors as this will give you a monotonous look. Some simple tips to perfectly show-off your accessories include:

  •  Cocktail rings add fun color and spark to any and every outfit.
  •  Long earrings give the impression of decorative neck.
  •  Matching jewelry brings your whole attire together.
  •  You can be creative the way you wrap scarves around your necks or tie it around your waist or hand bag.

Whenever you are in doubt, always stick to simple clothes and never overdo your make up or use extravagant jewelry to accessorize your attire. A pair of blue jeans and white shirt can help you carry yourself with a lot of panache.