Effective Ways to Treat and Prevent Split Ends

Split ends play a spoilsport to the growth of the long and lustrous mane. Split ends in hair mar the beauty of a gorgeous woman to the extent that they can pull down a confident look.

When you want to walk with panache in any party, function or an event, don’t allow the split ends to harm your poise. Split ends are a byproduct of the tattering of the hair shaft when exposed to excessive heat, dryness or mechanical stress. But don’t you stress yourself; just follow some simple steps to help your hair from splitting and to have beautiful long hair. Check out these top hair care tips on how to prevent spilt ends.

Regular Trimming

The daily combing and washing causes some wear and tear of the hair, hence split ends are not completely avoidable. Thus, a trim every 8-12 weeks becomes necessary to control split ends. If you come across random split ends, get rid of them with a pair of scissors. Split ends left uncut could potentially worsen them allowing them to travel right up to the root thus spoiling the entire hair.

Trimming Tips

Use only sharp scissors or at least those meant for haircuts. A blunt pair frays your ends and causes more splits after some time. Ensure that you give a cut of about 1/4 of an inch above the split. Otherwise there are chances of the split reappearing soon.

Apply Oil Before Hair Wash

As the hair gets wet during shampooing, water is absorbed and it swells. This state makes it very fragile and vulnerable for splits or chips formation. Apply oil to the hair before washing to avoid this. Oil – with its protective sheath formation around the hair – checks the damage done during washing process.

Apply a Leave-in Conditioner

Split ends or a tendency towards their formation can be checked by applying a leave-in hair conditioner. This measure will protect your hair from the daily wear and tear that takes place due to combing and styling and also due to environmental factors such as scorching sun or cold winds.

Dry Hair Gently

Wet hair is brittle and vulnerable to damage and the treatment must be done with utmost care. Vigorously rubbing the hair dry with a towel produces tangles and twists, that too in unnatural directions, thus triggering breakage and split ends. Instead, mildly dab the wet hair with a towel to remove the excess water.