Cool Vintage Fashion Trends That Are Making a Return

Most of the vintage fashion trends never disappear but simply find their way back into the world of fashion as if they were on a long vacation. As they re-emerge on the ramp, it looks like everything that was thought to be old is new all over again.

Whether it is the typical grunge look of the 90s or the classic overalls, vintage fashion always has some new trends repping it every season. Here are some such fashion trends that have made their way back.


Vintage grunge outfits are as beautiful to flaunt your looks as they are edgy. This gorgeous fashion style of the 90s is back with some difference. Earlier, grunge outfits were all about flannelled shirts, dark and heavy velvets and chokers with a lot of black touch. But this season’s trend is all about adding a feminine makeover to this most-loved look. Floral dresses, leather minis and checked leggings are what you need to flaunt this look.

Crop Tops

Crop tops have been loved by every one of us when we were all kids. They were better paired with denim jeans or shorts together with sneakers. The look doesn’t seem to be changing even now as most of the celebrities are donning the same look again. Celebrities including Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have pulled these looks showing everyone that the classic fashion trend is too far from being over. However, anyone trying to mimic their looks better have toned abs to flaunt as this trend is not suitable for all.


Whether they are long or short, the 90’s overalls are back again on the fashion streets and many fashion houses are launching new styles to suit the trends of the season. While they were confined to the farms during the yesteryears, you can confidently take them to work with a little twist like adding a tailored blazer or a cute blouse underneath to make new style statements. For accessories, they are better paired with heels and goggles and are sure to make heads turn during the spring summer fashion season.

High Waist Denims

These skinny jeans that was worn well above the waist line was officially thought to come to an end. But it is doing rounds again all over the fashion streets and is even inspiring other outfits to follow suit. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see skirts, trousers, shorts and even swimwear pulling its looks to shout out their existence. They make your looks perfect when paired with crop tops and plain shirts in contrasting colours. As for accessories, high heel boots blend perfectly with the attire.

Slip Dresses

With slip dresses emerging as the new fashion trend again, it looks as if the underwear has become the new outerwear. The looks are so inspired that even luxury brand makers including Louis Vuitton, Rag & Bone and Helmut Lang are all trying to give a modern twist to this old classic. What’s new to this old attire is the addition of asymmetrical hemlines, pastel shades and sheer panelling that makes you shine even on the dullest of days. Top it with a knit or leather jacket and boots to make your looks complete.