Best Fashion Accessories for Women – Women’s Fashion Trends

When it comes to fashion, clothes aren’t the only elements which you need to get right. Fashion accessories also play an important role in enhancing your looks. In addition to highlighting a particular part of the body, accessories always ensure that the entire ensemble appears on-trend.

From chic bags and sunglasses to hats, shoes and more, accessories make you appear at your best and also have an impact on the street style fashion. Women are more aware of the importance of fashion accessories and the choice of accessories is also flooding to meet the demands. You can be sure to buy whatever that is you are looking for without much hustle keeping the current fashion trends in mind. We’ve here rounded up the top accessories for women that are taking the fashion world by storm.


That time is long gone when the white sneakers were all the rage and ruled the fashion world and inspired the fashion shows. There’s a massive edit of the shoes that are so ready to wear and you’ll definitely fall head-over-heels for them – literally! From sculptural heels to slide sandals and from heel leather mules to slouchy denim shoes, there’s a huge transformation going on at the bottom. So make sure that you have these accessories covered lest you might be far behind the fashion.


While everyone looks great in wayfarer sunglasses, the trick is to look great in aviators too. But finding perfectly flattering pair of sunglasses can be really tricky. The best advice is to pick the frames that snugly fit and complement your face in a snap. For this you need to choose sunglasses that fit the shape of your face. While round, square and oval shaped sunglasses are perfect for any season, they look good on people with a broad forehead and strong jaw line. Then there are matrix sunglasses that look cool on everyone.


There are belt bags, normal clutch bags and cross-body bags that always dominate street style fashion and add a glamorous touch irrespective of the outfit you wear. Belt bags come with sleek and structured designs and are available in a range of styles and can be worn in different ways to match the attire. Tote bags and clutch bags are ideal for working women or those who travel a lot as they can virtually fit anything you need throughout the day. Cross-body bags give you a rock look and can be adjusted to fit the length of the body. Avoid bulky ones as they could totally spoil the looks.

Statement Earrings

These are one of the must-have jewelry items for over the years and are becoming more and more trendy to fit in the latest style trends. As much as they are growing in popularity, they are also growing in size and today they are even reaching the shoulder lengths. So, if you are looking to make a bold fashion statement while staying up to the trends, pick the longest and loudest pair that you can find to give your lobes a perfect fashion update.

Hats and Berets

While baker boy hats seem to be always in trend with any season, black berets are perfect to complement a chic outfit. Baker boy hats are both casual and trendy and look good on weekend ensembles whether you are wearing a chunky knit dress or a pair of rugged jeans. Berets can also be paired with different kinds of outfits but a beret in neutral colour will further enhance the looks. The only thing to keep in mind while shopping for berets is to avoid slouchy knitted styles and go for leather or wool designs.

Statement Necklaces

A statement necklace is very noticeable and also a very key feature of the entire outfit that you wear. Some points to keep in mind while shopping for a statement necklace is to avoid the regular ones with large stones and other bold accents and rather go for ones that suit the season and occasion. The length of the necklace can also change the appearance altogether. While short choker necklaces and bib necklaces make sure to turn heads, long pendant necklaces with matching earrings blend perfectly to further enhance the charm.


While a good belt will complement your looks, a bad choice can spoil your looks altogether. The first thing to keep in mind is to choose a one that will fit your personality and also what kind of dress you want to flaunt with the dress. Choose the right width of the belt according to your body shape. While women with short waists look good on thin belts, thick belts are meant for women with longer torsos as they will help in making the upper body look more proportional.


Scarves are the most versatile accessories for every woman. A scarf can even turn even the dullest of costumes into a head-turner. The real trick lies in picking out a gorgeous one and this too isn’t going to be a tough task with the range of colours and fabric and shapes to choose from. Scarves are perfect substitutes to heavy sweaters and caps in winter which spoil your hair style. Instead, you can go for a trendy mix of a shawl and scarf in winter and again use it to protect your hair from sunlight and dust in summer.


Sneakers should be comfortable to wear and yet enhance your looks whether you are wearing them for your fitness training classes or for the office. Get better acquainted with your feet before you go out to buy a pair of shoes and know the foot type – like normal arch, high arch or flat arch. Make a bold statement with riding boots or black leather pumps. They are easy to find as many celebrated brands offer them in different styles. Canvas shoes and sketchers with different kinds of patterns like polka dots of studded stones make your outfit look classier.


Gloves keep you warm in the blistering winter and keep your hands safe from the scorching sun in the summer. They come in various styles, materials and fits. While cashmere gloves are practical all-rounders with breathable fabric and rendering a cool and chic look, leather gloves are apt if you want to play out with your looks on boyish outfits. Length gloves protect the skin from the dust and harsh weather irrespective of the season. They also come in 3-in-1 glove or mitten system so that you can play around to suit different attires.

Statement Rings and Cocktail Rings

Earlier, choosing a trendy ring that perfectly complements your outfit required just a few questions like the price and the material. But there’s a lot more to buying rings than just that. Rings are timeless and classic symbols and your love for them will last for ever making it more important to buy the best one that you need. Instead of getting caught up in the trend and ending up buying something that will be out of style very soon, go for statement pieces that fit the current style trend and are also not out of fashion even in the future. Make sure to buy something that you’ll love wearing for the rest of your life.


If you want to show off your uniqueness with every flick of the wrist, bracelets are the best way to beautify yourself. The sound of their jingle boldly announces the presence of a special person. There is also literally no dearth of selection when it comes to buying the right bracelet. They can be chosen according to the occasion, material, depending on the outfit you want to wear with them and of course they can fit every budget needs.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories make every woman feel like a queen and they are apt for every face type whether you have an oval, round or square shaped face. And again there is a vast variety of options to choose from to suit every outfit and any occasion. Hair accessories were once thought to be meant only for kids but gone are those days. Today accessories for hair including bows, hair comb pins, hair clips, hairbands and headbands help in taking your hairdo to an all new level.

While every woman deserves to wear the crown of beauty regardless of her age, ethnicity, status and financial standing, how she wears that crown is all that matters and it depends a lot on your taste and style preference. While some fashion accessories may look stunning on your favorite celebrity or your friend, the very attire may not be the right fit for you. But this shouldn’t rob you of choice as fashion designers all over the world are working seriously to keep up everything that is ruling the fashion streets. With the wide variety of accessories available out there in the market, every woman surely can enhance her appeal with ease. All you need to do is to put your best foot forward and choose the special piece specially designed for you.