Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

There are some fashion brands that focus on fast fashion trends and then there are some that are conscious about the nature and go on to create sustainable fashion clothing.

As the fashion industry is one of the most pollution industries in the world with all its dyes and fabrics, it is time that fashion brands should switch to sustainable and ethical practices. Here are some of the best fashion brands that conscious about the trends and also about the nature.

Alternative Apparel

This brand is known for creating simple and comfortable clothing lines that are sustainable too. Almost 80% of all the apparel coming out of this fashion brand are made using non-toxic dyes and eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton.

Style Saint

This L.A. based fashion brand offers its customers effortless style options and versatile essentials that are good for the environment too. It uses 99% less water when compared to the industry standard and lists details of water saved and ethical standard on each and every item.

United By Blue

This fashion brand is known for its line of sustainable outdoor apparel and fashion accessories. It mainly focuses on the conservation of oceans. For each and every product it sells, the company vows to remove one pound of trash from beaches, oceans, lakes, rivers and streams.

Amour Vert

In French ‘Amour Vert’ means ‘green love’. So you already know what the fashion brand is up to. All the clothes from this company are made out of organic cotton and the linen they use in making their fashion lines is free of any chemicals while their polyester is recycled.

G Star Raw

G Star Raw eco credentials include their commitment to create great fashion trends while having a minimal impact on the environment. All their clothes are made out of materials that are ethically sustainable and their jeans are made from ocean plastic.

People Tree

This fair trade apparel company is in the business of making sustainable clothes for over 25 years. It is the first fashion brand to pioneer integrated organic cotton supply chain from farm to the final product. They avoid use of chemicals in making their products.


This brand is known for making women’s clothing and accessories that are 100% sustainable. Aware of the impact that fashion has on the health of the planet, they have created their own way of tracking their environmental footprint with RefScale that details waste generated in making clothes.