How to Apply Eyeshadow Like a Pro

Eye makeup just takes your makeup to another level especially when it comes to applying eyeshadow. If you try things that you are not sure of, you may end up looking horrible.

Therefore, before applying eyeshadow try to get familiarize with the techniques before it turns into a disaster. In the beginning, try to get the basics right and slowly with a little practice you will become a pro. Here are the few things and steps for how to apply eyeshadow like a pro.

Things You Will Need

  • Moisturizer
  • Eye cream
  • Eye primer
  • Eyeshadows
  • Eye makeup brushes
  • A kohl pencil
  • An eyeliner
  • A mascara

Brush Types

Different brushes have different functions

  • Flat stiff brushA flat brush is good to pack the product onto the eyelid and also under the lower lash line. MAC 239 is perfect for this.
  • Pencil brush –  A pencil brush works best when you want to smoke out the lower lash line and create a soft look. It also works well at the outer corners of the eye.
  • Fluffy dome brushA fluffy dome brush can be used on the entire face, yet small enough to add softness to the eyelids.

Tips Before Applying Eyeshadow

  • Prime your eyes for a fresh look on your eye ids before you put on eyeshadow.
  • Choose the right eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone.
  • Find your desired look
  • Choose proper eyeshadow colours – Matte, shimmer/metallic

Eyeshadow Application Steps

As you have got the basics, now get ready to apply the eyeshadow like a pro

Step 1 : Start by applying a neutral shade in a softer hue to the eyelid using your All Over Eye Shader or a medium sized eyeshadow brush. Make sure to press the color into the lid as you move across the eye to ensure an even application. Create intensity even when using a lighter shade by adding more layers of the same color. 

Step 2 : Pick a lighter, shimmery shade and with the flat eyeliner brush add a thin line right along your eyelid using a patting motion to apply from corner to corner.

Step 3 : This step is optional if you want to create a gradual fading look on your lids. To do, add a color on top of the previous color used in Step 1 that is a slightly darker than the lid color. Gently pat this on your lid starting at the outer corner and gradually fading the color towards the middle of the eye.

Step 4 : Using your Pro Crease Blender Brush, add a darker color to the outer corner for contouring your crease. Start by adding a little color first and adding more if needed. It’s easier to build the color than to take it down if you’ve applied too much.  To create a continuous look you can sweep the same crease color along the lower lashline.

Step 5 : It’s time for a highlighter, with your flat brush choose the highlighter you wish to use and apply this directly underneath the brow bone in a patting motion again until you have the desired effect.