10 Fabulous French Braid Hairstyles You Need to Try

These 10 amazing French braid hairstyles can go a long way in making a woman look attractive and bold at the same time. French braid hairstyles are the easiest and they also look the best when donned for parties or special events.

French braids also look very casual and they can go with almost any outfit and for every occasion whether formal or casual. There are endless looks that can be created using French braid hairstyles but then you need to master the art of making the braids.

1. Ribbon Braid Hairstyle

Ribbon braid is an artsy braid which looks great on hair of almost any length. This is a French braid hairstyle where you can be very creative with the use of the ribbons. The hair needs to be separated into two sections in order to create this hairstyle. The bottom section of the hair needs to be clipped and a ribbon has to be tied to the section that is not being used. A hair spray should be used for spritzing the braids.

2. The Classic French Braid

The original is a very classic French braid hairstyle which neatly pulls back the hair from the face and helps in keeping it in perfect place. You must use a spray wax for keeping your hair neat and together before truing this hairstyle. This hairstyle goes well with oval face shapes and high to medium dense hair.

3. The Side French Braid

This is another classic French braid hairstyle where the hair is braided one over the other and even to the sides. This is a hairstyle that needs to be done from the side of the head and then secured using elastic bands.

4. Crown Braid

This is a very special type of French braid which travels around the whole head and looks very similar to a crown. If it is created in a smooth manner it helps women in getting a very royal look. However, if created in a messy way, this hairstyle can take a classical and playful look.

5. Fishtail Braid

This type of French braid looks very similar to Bohemian hairstyle because it features four strands in place of three. It is a splendid hairstyle that looks like beautiful art and also helps in creating a very modern and elegant look.

6. Daisy Braid

The daisy braid hairstyle involves part of the hair braided which looks quite modern and at the same time fun. The top layer of hair is braided down and then dragged and mixed with the remaining hair. Then the entire thing is created in a side low ponytail.

7. French Braid Hairstyle for Curly Hair

This is a hairstyle that proves the fact that even short hair can look wonderful if braided in the perfect manner. The hairstyle features tilting loose braids which make this short and messy hairstyle more gorgeous and enhancing.

8. Braid Ponytail

This is a simple but cool braid hairstyle that can be flaunted for regular looks. Part of the front hair is neatly braided in cute and small braids and then dragged back and mixed with the remaining hair. This hairstyle helps in adding fun and volume to the hair. It works great on wavy and straight hair.

9. Bang Braid

This is a French braid hairstyle that works great both on short as well as long hair. It makes a woman look bold and attractive at the same time. Part of the hair is used for creating braids while the rest of the hair is left loose.

10. Side Band

This is a very pretty French braid hairstyle featuring lovely braids created on one side and beautiful curls on the other side of the hairline. It is also one of the best hairstyles among the 10 amazing French braid hairstyles that help in creating a very sober appearance.