Ways to Fix Common Skin Problems Effortlessly


We all have experienced those odd and weird glitches on the skin that seem to appear out of nowhere. Some of the most common skin problems like dark circles, pimples, blackheads and even dry and flaky skin cause irritation on the skin while also embarrassing us in public.

However, most of these skin problems can be dealt with by simple home remedies and some may even need a visit to the dermatologist if their presence is persistent. Here are some of such conditions explained and the best way to deal with them to have that flawless and radiant skin.

Dark Circles

The main reason behind the occurrence of these dark under eye marks is, poor blood circulation. It could also be due to heredity and spending late nights watching TV or staring at your computer. High salt intake, alcohol, poor diet, allergies and stress can also contribute to dark circle formation.

Solution: To stimulate blood flow, a gentle massage under the eyes every night will be helpful. Applying eye gel containing vitamin K or green tea extracts works better than creams. Remember to be as gentle as possible while massaging, as the area under eyes is highly sensitive. 

Black Heads

Black heads tend to appear more around the T-area, as the oil glands are more in number than the rest of the body. Women with oily skin experience more breakouts during periods and pregnancy, because of hormonal imbalance. Blackheads can also be caused due to unhealthy choice of foods.

Solution: Using a natural scrub, at least two times in a week helps in exfoliating your skin. Make sure to apply less pressure, as scrubs may spread bacteria to unaffected places. You can try rinsing your face with a pinch of baking soda mixed in warm water. Also, drinking plenty of water helps cleanse your skin and keep it hydrated. It is better to avoid junk food as far as possible.     

Chapped Lips

Lips are prone to getting chapped in any weather condition. The layer on lips is very delicate and is affected easily due to wind, cold climate and also sun exposure. Skin fails to absorb the mineral oil present in most petroleum-based lip balms, which in fact, clogs the skin, making it dry and vulnerable to infections.   

Solution: Choose moisturizers containing natural ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter or beeswax that can be absorbed by the skin. Rosemary oil and mint have antibacterial properties that help with breakouts. Aloe Vera can heal chapped lips. Sugar acts as natural exfoliate; whereas honey contains antiseptic, moisturizing, as well as exfoliating properties. 

Dry & Flaky Skin

Dry, flaky skin around cheeks, brows and forehead can be due to dermatitis or sometimes indicate eczema. It can be caused due to extreme climatic conditions or food allergies. Certain chemicals present in perfumes, shampoos, detergents, etc can cause allergic reaction to the skin. This causes accumulation of dead skin cells, leading to dry, sore, flaky skin. Excessive sun exposure results in premature wrinkling. Stress can further intensify this problem and so does our age. As we age, skin starts dehydrating, wrinkling and loses elasticity.  

Solution: Applying natural moisturizing oils such as rosehip, carrot seed, apricot, grape seed or pomegranate seed is a better alternative to heavy lotions. Pomegranate seeds consisting of linolenic acid help in skin regeneration. Vitamins A and C present in carrot and apricot seed oils help protect and restore skin. Applying a soft cloth soaked in olive oil and warm water mixture to the skin helps moisturize, promote circulation and get rid of dead cells.