Scintillating Soaks To Rejuvenate Your Senses


The long days go on with no end in sight and you drag along. You need some time to contemplate before you get shrouded by the infamous existential crisis. Those extensive plans for spa sessions and mini vacations are shelved in places you can’t seem to reach. It’s time you step up and get what you deserve.

A quick getaway for a few hours is all you need to rejuvenate your senses. You could do that just by drawing yourself a comfy and revitalizing bath. Read on to know about the scintillating soaks to rejuvenate your senses.


There’s absolutely nothing as inviting as a bathtub with a foamy layer of bubbles. This not only has cosmetic and health benefits but also is quite a sight with all of its scented goodness. Make sure have the entire tub covered with lather before you immerse yourself in it. This refreshes and smoothens your skin as it opens up your pores and gives it ample time to soak in all of the goodness of the various products. Not to mention, the time you get to be with yourself whilst soaking all your cares away!


The oft-ignored bath salts can form the most important component for a luxurious bath. The idea is to recreate the effect of being around the ocean as it is the most soothing setting. You could pick from a wide array of salts infused with various fragrances, mineral content and size of the crystals. With multiple therapeutic properties that cleanse your pores, improve the blood circulation, and boost your mood, these salts are essential for a perfect bath. Watch them dissolve alongside your worries.


It’s a shame we still consider oils to be only a luxury experienced at high-end spas. Oils are a vital part of the ritual as the effect of the steamy room opens up our pores, which allows the essence of the oils to penetrate deeply into our skin. Available in numerous scents and packed with beneficial properties, these have long lasting soothing effects. The various types could leave you in a dilemma, so when in doubt choose the popular lavender or vanilla ones.


Although most of the products you plan to use are scented, don’t forget to work towards picking ones that effortlessly blend in together to give you that soothing aroma that will allow your mind wander to far, far away. Generously spray your favourite perfume, if you like, to revive your senses. The fragrance that fills the room is sure to uplift your mood and keep worrisome thoughts at bay.


Make arrangemets for dim and soft lights to set the mood. You could light up a few candles and make it as exquisite as possible. Again, you could pick some scented ones to enhance your experience. You obviously need to make sure you place the candles away from anything flammable so that your soak does not end on a disastrous note! The flickering flames are sure to calm your mind and create a cosy ambience.


Music is the most important part of the entire arrangement. Create a playlist of your favourite songs so you can hum along; this will take your mind off work quicker. Tip: Gradually queue in melodies with tempos that escalate and end with tunes of the flute or the ocean. It’s really about the vibes and senses, so pay attention to every detail before you soak in!