How to Avoid Hair Styling Mistakes


The hairstyle is the way to create the first impression. Finding the perfect hairstyle might be a challenge, but, if done rightly it can mark the right impact. We all have different facial structures, facial features, hair types, head shapes, hair density and many other attributes that are applicable while finding a complementing hairstyle.

There can be many other factors that can lead to bad hair styling. Here are top 5 hair styling mistakes and measures to avoid them.

Not Changing Your Hairstyle

For most of the people, it’s quite convenient to find an easy hairstyle that suits their face cut, hair texture, and all the fundaments to make a good hairstyle. But, why should you sport your signature hairstyle when all the new trends are in vogue? It will help to show the happening side of your personality. Consult a good stylist (who is in your budget) about the haircut that suits you. The haircut should flatter your bone structure, suit your face shape and look well with your hair texture, length, and type.

Avoiding Hair Cuts

Waiting too long for haircuts is one of the biggest hairstyling mistakes that we commit. Delaying the haircut for long periods may make your strands look uneven, limp and dull. No matter how appealing your hairstyle is, it will just not work. Get regular hair trims or cuts. Try to stick to a routine of 6 to 8 weeks and get your hair chopped only for few centimetres.

Not Choosing Right Part

Getting driven by the recent trends is not always a good idea. Being smart about which look goes with your face is the key. This also includes choosing the right part. Hair part plays an important role in deciding the look of a hairstyle on your face. Consult an expert. Don’t adorn something just because it looked great on your ideal. For women, a middle part generally suits square faces, while side part helps the round face look longer. The deep side part makes the oval face look shorter and an off-centre hair part goes well with heart shaped faces.

Hair Styling Products

In this fast-paced world, who has the time to test products, right? Especially the young generation. Millennials want everything in a flea of seconds, and same stands true in the case of hair products. Choosing the wrong hair products that do not suit your skin may cause a hazardous impact. This may also ruin your hairstyle for a prolonged period, or in some cases forever. Test the styling products before using them. Use chemical based products as per an expert’s recommendation only.

Overburdening Your Hair

Excess of everything is bad, same goes true in the case of hair styling too. Using heaps of products pile up your hair and make them look flat. If you have rough and frizzy hair, don’t double the quantity of styling product. Instead, select the brands that offer the effortless looks, like wax or pomade. Make sure that you use only relevant products formulated for your hair type and texture. Don’t experiment with hair dyes, get it done by professional hair stylists.