Essential Skincare Tips for the Monsoon


The time during the monsoons and winter time is truly terrible for the skin. The frigid air whistling by like a thousand knives wreaks havoc on the skin of most people, drying it out. When you move inside where the air is warm, you expose it to even further moisture loss.

This is a vicious cycle where the protective layer of your skin is hammered at brutally, leaving it utterly defenceless to protect itself. You require a truly effective skin care routine to ensure that your skin remains soft and dewy during those cold and rainy months.

Slap on Some Moisturizer

Just when you start putting on more and more layers of clothing to stay warm, you should start layering up on your skin too by moisturizing more and more. Go for an oil-based moisturizer instead of a water-based one. This is because the oil in it will form a layer on your skin to lock moisture in. Most night creams are oil-based and you can just buy those.

Exfoliate Often

Dead cells are dry and coarse in nature. If not removed regularly, they tend to form a layer on the skin and bar the moisturizer from penetrating the skin effectively. Exfoliate gently with a salicylic lotion to clear your skin and promote cell renewal. The new cells that emerge get moisturized better. They can also hang on to this moisturization to keep you skin softer for longer.

Grease Your Feet

While you may be using those light and lemony lotions in the summer months for your dainty feet, you need a more robust safety layer during the monsoons and winter. Petroleum jelly is excellent for your feet at this time. You can even try glycerine out. Both of these will keep the moisture locked in the skin and keep it safe from chapping.

Bathe Better

Yes, it is heavenly to get into a steaming bath in the cold months or stand in hot showers, but it is a disastrous habit for your skin. You should stick firmly to warm water for showering or bathing since that would not break down the lipid layer of your skin, leaving it exposed to drying out. And don’t spend ages bathing, stay in the water for a short duration only.

Use Chemical-Free Products

When you keep washing with soap, your hands will obviously become parched. They need a rest from all that water. Go for alcohol-free hand sanitizers and soap-free cleansers to keep your hands clean and dry. Make it a habit to moisturize immediately after you wash your hands. Also, wear gloves to safeguard your hands. Just an hour in them and you will notice a major difference in their softness.