5 Lost Works of Art Found at Unexpected Places


Art pieces can fetch millions of dollars making them one of the most-prone things to theft. Works done by some famous painters across the world have been stolen and many are still missing while some lucky ones find a way back home.

While most of the lost paintings generally are found in vaults and secured places, some have been recovered in places that you’d least expect. Here are 5 such pieces of art that were found after being lost.

1. Robert Barney’s Painting

While everyone was commenting on the acting skills of Stuart in the movie Stuart Little, one man named Gergely Barki was curiously looking at a painting that sounded familiar to him. After trying hard to contact the filmmakers, he was able to meet one of the set designers who explained that she had actually owned the painting after snapping it from an antiques shop. The painting was Robert Barney’s Sleeping Lady with Black Vase.

2. Assortment of Paintings in an Apartment

Police discovered more than 1300 pieces of art in an old apartment in Munich that earlier belonged to a German art dealer. Most of the pieces that were discovered were actually feared to be lost a long time ago. Most of it was owned by the dealer legally and inherited by his son. Most of it has been passed on to a museum in Switzerland.

3. Carlo Saraceni’s Painting Found Inside a Couch

A famous painting believed to be the work of Venetian painter Carlo Saraceni and named Preparation to Escape to Egypt was found inside a coach brought by a German student at the local flea market. He went to an auction of the painting which is believed to be done between 1605 and 1620. It was sold by an auction house for $27,630 giving back more than 100 times to what the student had paid for the couch.

4. Rufino Tamayo’s Painting

Tres Personajes was the work done by Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo in the year 1970. It was found by, Elizabeth Gibson, a New Yorker, lying in the trash as she was moving across Manhattan. She didn’t know anything about the painting but as well took it home and tried to trace it back. After some homework, she came to know that it was last appeared in Antiques Roadshow and turned it in. It was later sold at an auction for over $1 million of which Elizabeth received a percentage plus a $15,000 reward for finding it.

5. Jackson Pollock’s Work Found in a Thrift Store

Teri Horton was looking for something to gift to her friend and she thought that a strange painting that she saw in a thrift store was perfect for the occasion. After negotiating, she was able to bring the price down to $5 from $7. An art teacher noticed the painting in her house and said it could be the work of Jackson Pollock. It was indeed. The painting is now valued at over $50 million!

So the next time you decide to spring clean your home or want to trade some old stuff for a good bargain, make sure that you have checked everything thoroughly. Who knows who will miss or find a fortune in the least places they ever expected.