5 Best Digital Art Museums in the World


Whether it is a digitally created waterfall that runs from the walls and runs under your feet; or a star-lit sky inside the roof of a building, digital art museums across the world offer other-worldly and immersive experience for the viewers.

Digital exhibits and interactive museums are in fact a unique brand of art works that tell the visitors that there are no borders for art. Here are few such museums that are truly captivating.

1. MORI Building Digital Art Museum, Tokyo

Japanese tech-art collaborative teamLab collaborated with Mori Building to build this never-before-seen world of digital art where 520 computers and 470 projectors use the vast 10, 000 square meters area to transform it into a three-dimensional area. All the art installations transcend around the halls and creep over the walls and also blend together with each other to immerse visitors in a boundary-free world.

2. ZKM Center for Art and Media, Germany

Germany is known in the world of art as the first country to exhibit digital art. It still continues to display art in this modern form, Built inside a former munitions factory, this museum offers a wide variety of exhibits that give the visitors an artistic sense. The visitors too are required to use all their senses to experience the art here to the fullest as the exhibits can be visual, auditory and tactile.

3. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

This is one of the most famed cultural institutions in the world and has been acquiring computer science for better since the 60s. This makes it clear that the museum hold some of the earliest works of digital art in its permanent collection starting with simple black and white pixels of the past decades to present day modern digital art.

4. Ars Electronica Center, Austria

Ars Electronica Center is all about art, technology and society. The center is known as the museum of the future where all different artistic genres blend together with technology. Considered as a pioneer in the field of digital art, one of the earliest museum exhibits include short animated film Luxo Jr and two desk lamps created by John Lasseter who is renowned for his works with Pixar. Deep Space, the building’s massive digital projection room features 3D images of historical sites and images of the human body from the inside.

5. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, New York

This digital art gallery in New York is small yet influential. Art lovers say that the museum looks like it’s been run by a team of pioneers in the field. There is an exhibit named ‘Acts of Nature’ by Greek artist Yorgo Alexopoulos, which incorporates multiple custom-made screens used as windows to a completely different world.