10 Strange Customs From Around the World


The world is full of surprising cultures and startling customs that reflect the tradition of a particular place. We have covered 10 such amazing practises around the world that’ll leave you thinking.

Each and every section of people all over this world have their own stories about their age-old customs and traditions. While some cultures and practices may seem wonderful and reflect their traditions, some leave you spellbound and curious. Here are 10 such strange and unbelievable customs from around the world.

1. Baby Jumping in Spain

Officially called El Colacho, baby jumping is a custom that is still followed by communities in Northern Spain. Infants are laid on mattresses on the streets and men dressed as devils jump over the infants to ward off evil.

2. Avoiding Red Ink in South Korea

According to their history, South Koreans used red ink to write the names of dead people. So, writing someone’s name in red ink is considered a taboo even to this day.

3. Polterabend in Germany

Just before a couple is wed, families and friends from either side participate in breaking vases and dinnerware. The couple is later asked to clear things together to see how they unite during hard work.

4. Seppuku in Japan

Seppuku is a custom in Japan which reflects that suicide is better than surrender. It is followed even today by many as a way to emphasize their loyalty, integrity and strength.

5. Crying Brides in China

As part of their wedding preparations, brides in China cry for a month together which is considered better than crying after the wedding. This strange custom is still followed by Fuji people in Wuling Mountains.

6. Burial Rituals in Venezuela and Brazil

The Tanomani tribe has this very rare ritual. When anyone dies in this tribe, their body is burnt and the resulting bone and ash powder is mixed with a banana drink to be savoured by those attending the rites. They believe that this will help the dead soul to find a resting place.

7. Burning Witches in Czech Republic

Paleni Carodejnic is the annual burning of witches in Czech Republic where people gather to burn effigies of hags and witches. This is done to keep the hags and all the witchcraft at bay.

8. Brazil’s Initiation Custom

Young boys from the Satare Mawe tribe in Brazil are required to prove their bravery by placing their hands in baskets that are filled with ferocious bullet ants. It is believed that enduring the excruciating pain reflects their bravery.

9. Thailand’s Monkey Buffet

If you want to see monkeys happily feasting on sumptuous dishes beautifully spread on a table, then head over to Thailand. Monkeys dwelling in Lopburi area here are fed with over 3000 kgs of fruits annually as part of a ritual.

10. La Tomatina, Spain

La Tomatina is all about throwing or smashing tomatoes at each other in Spain. It is still the biggest tomato fight in the World. Earlier, people used to fight with snowballs but that is now outdated.

While all these customs and practices may seem bizarre and unbelievable to many, these are the practices that sometimes help in binding the people together. What’s more better than an age-old custom that brings all facets of people together to celebrate?