Meet 24-year Mohammad Sujathullah Feeding 1,000 Empty Stomachs Every Day


Most of the people in this world are extremely self-centered. We have only a few of them who are selfless and one amongst them is the 24-year mohammed sujathullah from Hyderabad.  Sujathullah while pursuing pharmacy had a backlog then decided to feed 10 hungry people in thank of God.

This great feeding-the-hungry initiative by sujathullah started with a thankful “gesture to God” for passing an examination.

He has only one criterion: humanity and don’t ask anyone what’s their religion, caste, creed or belief. Everyone gets food. That explains the name of Sujathullah’s NGO: Humanity First Foundation. The work has now become like a job for him. But there’s a slight difference though, there are no holidays. Yet, he doesn’t complain. At times, it becomes very hard as he doesn’t find regular volunteers to help him.

The food is the breakfast for almost 1,000 hungry people and he has been feeding since 2016. He first used his pocket money to buy food. Then, he asked each earning member of his large joint family to contribute one day’s salary to prepare the food. Besides some irregular donations, his family provides financial assistance to his endeavour. He started feeding the hungry outside the Hyderabad’s Niloufer Hospital one of the most visited hospitals in the city.

There have been times when the finances were about to dry but he never failed for a single day. For more than 500 days now, he shows up at both locations Niloufer Hospital and Koti maternity hospital, every morning despite bad weather, poor health or any unforeseen circumstances. Not only this, Sajathullah also organizes frequent water camps in summers and blanket distribution in winter.

Sujathullah says, “about 90 percent of the people who come to government hospitals hail from small districts and nearby villages and are poor. Due to lack of facilities, they sleep on the road and go without a morning meal as well. I wanted to give them free food that we eat and started by distributing raw upma in desi ghee to these patients.”

Despite setbacks, Sajathullah stands tall in his conviction and sets a good example for many people to rise above everyday challenges and selflessly serve the needy. Let us get inspired by the service of sajathullah to humanity and do our part in serving others who need help.