Nawab Movie Review


Release Date  : 27/09/2018

Genre              : Action, Crime, Thriller

Cast              : Arvind Swamy, Silambarasan T.R, Vijay Sethupathi, Arun Vijay, Jyothika

Director          : Mani Ratnam

Duration         : 2 hrs 24 mins

Language        : Telugu

If the initial set up of Nawab instantly reminds you of The Godfather, you are not wrong. And it is intentional. But it is only as the plot unfolds that you realise that Mani Ratnam is giving a delicious twist to the classic gangster tale. What if ‘family’ – the fulcrum of the saga – isn’t really sacred? What if the three sons are more concerned about who among them will succeed their father rather than in finding out the man who almost killed their father?

In the beginning of Nawab an attempt is made on the life of an ageing don, Senapathy (Prakash Raj). The don has three sons – the eldest one, Varadan (Arvind Swamy) is hot-tempered, the second, Thyagu (Arun Vijay), a dark horse, and the third, Ethi (STR), the least favourite. And they all want to find out the person behind the attempt. The suspicion is on a rival, Chinnappadas (Thiagarajan). Given the numerous characters involved, the film does take a while to get going, as the initial scenes of every character is more of less exposition giving us a brief about their past, and their motivations.

The first half of Nawab is good and steady. The film is star-studded and each one of them made their presence with amazing performances. The film is a fresh gangster drama narrated with Mani Ratnam’s mark attached all over. The interval point creates the required interest for the second half and no one would expect such a suspense sequence at the end of the first half. The second half of the movie is stunning but the climax appears a little stretched. Do watch it for the performances.