Manu Movie Review


Release Date  : 07/09/2018

Genre              : Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Cast                   : Chandini Chowdary, Raja Gowtham, Abeeram Varma

Director          : Phanindra Narsetti

Duration         : 3 hrs 02 mins

Language        : Telugu

Great stories are told, great films are made on-screen when the form complements its content adequately. Here’s one film, Manu, where the filmmaker is so much in admiration with his story that he leaves no stone unturned to make it a visual extravaganza, to an extent that he is blinded by its drawbacks. Every frame in Manu reeks of a poetic interpretation in an idyllic backdrop, unveiling a newer dimension to its characters – the colours, the philosophies, the lighting, the artworks and even inanimate objects seem to have a life of their own.

Photographer Neela and artist Manu share a unique association – their relationship is the only bright spot in their lives and one that gives them hope. However, destiny has other ideas. The painter Manu tells us that black is his favourite colour as it helps him be an escapist, the photographer Neela meanwhile uses her vocations – embroidery, perfume-making, art- to make up for her loneliness. The exchange of thoughts between Manu and Neela is very pristine. The film has six or seven characters in the entire movie.

Manu has a strong story to tell. The execution is top-notch. The deep faced-expressions, conversations, spelling out almost everything that the characters think, delay the inevitable beyond necessity. There’s no doubt that Goutham and Chandni Chowdary get their career best roles, surrendering well to the filmmaker’s vision. Abeeram Verma is a promising find too. Naresh Kumaran’s haunting background score is another takeaway. Manu had all the ingredients to be a rewarding experience, watch it.