Johnny English Strikes Again Movie Review


Release Date  : 28/09/2018

Genre              : Action, Comedy, Adventure

Cast                   : Rowan Atkinson, Olga kurylenko, Emma Thompson, Ben Miller

Director          : David Kerr

Duration         : 1 hrs 29 mins

Language        : English

It’s hard for us to imagine Rowan Atkinson play any character other than Mr. Bean. But this British actor has now made himself synonymous to another series – Johnny English. Johnny English Strikes Again has the spy doing what he does best – crack you up with laughter. Also, it works perfectly as a standalone movie and you need not have watched the first two outings. Johnny English Strikes Again is perfect for family viewing.

The British Intelligence service, MI7, is cyber attacked and the names of all their undercover agents are now accessible to everyone. Since the Prime Minister (Emma Thompson) passes an order to bring back retired spies to nail the culprit, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson), now a geography teacher, is summoned to do the job. He and Jeremy Bough (Ben Miller)  travel to France and embark on a series of (mis)adventures. Once there, they have to fight a Russian spy and an Internet billionaire, old-school style.

The movie is a laugh riot. English is no James Bond but at the end of the day, he always manages to get the job done. Rowan Atkinson is at the top of his game and never backs out of making a fool of himself on screen in order to tickle the viewers’ funny bone. Ben Miller plays the spy’s sidekick and gets his comic timing spot on. Also, it’s good to see Emma Thompson in a light-hearted role. Atkinson is enough of a reason to watch this one, it has a whole lot more to offer.