Blackmail Movie Review

  • Release Date    : 06/04/2018
  • Genre        : Comedy, Thriller
  • Cast        : Irrfan Khan, Kirti Kulhari, Arunoday Singh, Divya Dutta
  • Director    : Abhinay Deo
  • Duration    : 2 hours 19 minutes
  • Language    : Hindi

The movie Blackmail is directed by the ad-cum-feature filmmaker, Abhinay Deo, who impressed everyone with the black comedy, Delhi Belly. Blackmail  is also a black comedy, inspired by the events based on a true story, a tale on extra-marital affair that goes in an unconventional way with weird twists and turns. So does Blackmail manage to entertain with its novel storyline? Lets see.

Dev (Irrfan) is a toilet paper salesman. Dev and his wife Reena (Kirti Kulhari) are in a loveless marriage. It’s the typical 7-year itch. One evening he decides to spice up his otherwise mundane life and passionless marriage, by going home early from work with a bunch of roses for his wife. It turns out, that his wife is in an extra-marital affair with an ex, Ranjeet (Arunoday Singh). And when Dev discovers the affair, he decides to blackmail his wife’s lover, who in turn blackmails her. This leads to a series of events which are both funny and outrageous.

Blackmail is a thoroughly enjoyable ‘black’ comedy that will have you laughing aloud on a lot of occasions. The casting in the movie is on point. Irrfan Khan’s performance is amazing and his fans should not miss this movie. The dazing absurdity of certain things and decisions in the movie make for an absolute hilarious ride. The plot of Blackmail is its hero and it manages to strike a good balance between dark and funny. Just go for it. You will be grinning for the most part.