Bhairava Geetha Movie Review


Release Date  : 14/12/2018

Genre              : Action, Drama

Cast                   : Dhananjay, Irra Mor, Raja Balwadi

Director          : Siddhartha

Duration         : 2 hrs 09 mins

Language        : Telugu

Even though RGV looks like a man who doesn’t care for the society he always takes subjects that talk about the bad and good in the society. He has a penchant to craft impactful movies and his stories off late haven’t been much different but he did produce Bhairava Geetha basing on a real-life incident. Bhairava Geetha has just the premise you would expect out of an RGV-backed product two warring communities, a love story crafted like soft erotica, a film with camera angles and close-up shots.

Tensions soar high in a Rayalaseema village as Bhairav (Dhananjay), a modest henchman of a leader Subbareddy and the latter’s city-bred daughter Geetha (Irra Mor) fall in love. Their love story sparks a revolution among the suppressed lot to fight for a dignified existence, where there’s no prince or pauper and every human is treated on merit and not caste. The universal conflict between the suppressor and the suppressed in the backdrop of a love story, had all the potential to be a fiery action drama.

The rusticity of the backdrop and the smart choice of locations that tap an unseen dimension of Rayalaseema. Kannada actor Dhananjay submits himself to the role well. Irra Mor is good looking. This is a classic RGV movie with the bitter truth said in a more raw and realistic way. With Dhanunjay’s help, the director made a better film than many expect from RGV camp, these days. Maybe its a one-time watch at the screens near you.