Ben is Back Movie Review


Release Date  : 14/12/2018

Genre              : Drama

Cast            : Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges, Courtney B. Vance, Kathryn Newton

Director          : Peter hedges

Duration         : 1 hr 44 mins

Language        : English

A lot of parenting involves setting boundaries and then bargaining your way around them. Parents give some, children take some, and in the many, many years it takes, you can never be sure where that line should fall. Ben (Lucas Hedges) comes home to his family on Christmas Eve, but his family, including his mother (Julia Roberts), wonders why he is back.

The Burns family appears to be a well-adjusted, almost squeaky clean American family. Holly Burns (Julia Roberts) is a loving mother to her three children. But when her eldest child from her previous marriage, Ben (Lucas Hedges) shows up unannounced at their doorstep, their lives are thrown in disarray. Ben has been sober for 77 days; while Holly is thrilled to see him back home. What follows is a harrowing series of events as the mother and son try to deal with the aftermath of Ben’s actions before he was sent to rehab.

The movie plot runs the gamut from being a mother-son relationship to a thriller which tends to take the focus off the former. Roberts gives her most robust performance in years, as a parent who wants to protect her child from the world, but mostly, from himself. Lucas’ sincerity makes you want to see Ben overcome all his challenges, despite being his own biggest obstacle. ‘Ben is Back’ makes the most of its cast to put together a heartfelt film on the strength of parental love against all odds. Just go and watch it guys!