Aravinda Sametha Movie Review


Release Date  : 11/10/2018

Genre              : Drama, Action, Romance

Cast                   : Jr. NTR, Pooja Hegde, Jagapathi Babu, Eesha Rebba

Director          : Trivikram Srinivas

Duration         : 2 hrs 42 mins

Language        : Telugu

In a career spanning two decades, both Jr. NTR and Trivikram have time and again proven their mettle by delivering blockbuster hits and have also sprung back whenever their movies were a dud in the box office. In spite of sharing a close camaraderie, it took them two decades to work together. Featuring an actor like Jr NTR known for his action potboilers, Trivikram utilizes his presence and a commercial backdrop to drive home an important signal of peace. Aravinda Sametha Veeraraghava is definitely a film that marks a firm departure from the comfort zone of the director and the lead actor.

It’s a war-torn village Kommaddi, where heads fly faster than the words that its residents mouth. Two warring groups lead by Narapareddy and Basireddy too prefer to speak through their swords than words. Even a game of cards in this backdrop is addressed as ‘five rupee worth faction’. In comes the son of the soil, Veeraraghava Reddy ( Jr. NTR), the only sign of hope to instil some sense amidst this menace. After all this bloodshed, Raghava Reddy’s grandmother tells him to put an end to the never-ending rivalry. Raghava Reddy moves to Hyderabad and meets Aravindha (Pooja Hegde), an anthropology student.

Director Trivikram Srinivas brings a fresh perspective to the faction violence story in his first film with Tarak. We are used to the fantastic visuals, mind-boggling music and brilliant artwork. The movie has the potential to stay with you for a long time. This is one of Tarak’s best act and Trivikram’s top narrations till date. Watch it for sure guys!