Ammammagarillu Movie Review

  • Release Date  : 25/05/2018
  • Genre              : Drama, Family
  • Cast                   : Naga Shaurya, Shamili, Sumitra, Roa Ramesh
  • Director          : Sundar Surya
  • Duration         : 2 hours 36 mins
  • Language        : Telugu

Naga Shourya’s latest family drama, Amammagarillu has finally hit the big screens today. The movie is riding on decent expectations, thanks to promising teasers and trailers. This family drama charts the journey of a joint family that splits due to petty fights over inheritance. Every single character and dialogue uttered in the film is so relatable; it’s almost like watching your summer at ammamma’s home being played out on-screen.

When a young Santosh’s (Naga Shaurya) ammamma, Sita Mahalakshmi (Sumitra) once helps him hide during a game of hide and seek he’s playing with his maradalu Sita (Shamlee), he takes it to heart. 20 years later, he makes it his personal mission to keep her happy, even if it means achieving the near impossible. 20 years ago the family splits because the tatayya disagrees over splitting the inheritance. After his death, the brothers and sisters all go their own way, irrespective of not getting the money. Now brought together by greed for their shares at the titular house in Pithapuram, Santosh (Naga Shaurya) makes it his personal mission to bring the family closer in 20 days. 

On the whole, Amammagarillu is a routine family drama with a few good moments here and there. Naga Shaurya and Shakalaka Shankar do their best to shine through in the characters handed to them. The movie features only 2 songs and both of them sound good. All those who like family dramas can give this film a shot only if they have nothing else to do.j