102 Not Out Movie Review

  • Release Date  : 04/05/2018
  • Genre              : Comedy, Drama
  • Cast                   : Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Jimit Trivedi
  • Director          : Umesh Shukla
  • Duration         : 1 hour 41 minutes
  • Language        : Hindi

Oh My God, director Umesh Shukla has again found his inspiration in a play. 102 Not Out is an adaptation of a Gujarati play of the same name by Saumya Joshi. The strength of 102 Not Out is its unique and refreshing concept. It’s rare to see two leading actors in a film who are 65 (Kapoor) and 76 (Bachchan) years old in real life and reunite on the screen after 26 years with this movie.

The movie revolves around a 102-year-old Dattatraya Vakharia played by Amitabh Bachchan and his son, Babulal Vakharia aka Babu played by Rishi Kapoor, who is 75 years old. Dattatraya wants to break the record of the oldest living person in the world and has about 16 years and a few months to go. On the other hand, Babulal has accepted his old age and behaves like every other elderly person who is a with a set of obsessive compulsions. In order to break the record, Dattatraya decides to send son to an old-age home. When Babulal declines to leave the house, Dattatraya sets an agreement to be fulfilled by Babu over the next few months.

102 Not Out is a sweet tale depicting an unadulterated emotional bond between an uber-cool father and an old-school son. The two veterans have done an amazing job and it is a delight to watch Amitabh and Rishi in the same frame. Jimit Trivedi, who is best remembered as Goti from Bhool Bhulaiya, plays a key role in the movie. It is a joy to watch two fantastic actors working in tandem. Watch it over this weekend.