Best Indie Films That You Shouldn’t Miss on Netflix


The best thing about subscribing to movie streaming services on Netflix is the vast library of movies that it offers. It not only offers films in one particular regional language, but also provides access to other language movies that were otherwise not available outside a particular state.

It could be said that the arrival of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services have dramatically changed the scene particularly for the aspiring filmmakers as well as the makers of small budget movies. Here’s our pick of the best Indie films on Netflix.

Anarkali of Aarah

This film focuses on the consent of a woman when it comes to her dignity. It portrays that even if a woman is a dirty dancer, she has her own will of whether to accept or not lecherous touching from the onlookers. It is directed by Avinash Das and has Swara Bhaskar in the lead role. IMDB rated this movie 6.4 making it probably one of the best films to watch.

BA Pass

This movie was made on a shoe-string budget and yet bagged the critics’ award for the best actress for Shilpa Shukla who played the defiant married woman who is not satisfied with her desires and seduces a young man. The film is based on Mohan Sikka’s short story The Railway Aunty. Sikka received award for the best story at the Screen Awards.


This richly-layered film was shot in just under 16 days and depicts the gentle relationship between a school teacher and his female student. The film boasts an aptly enjoyable aura and with a lot of funny situations and some unique characters. The film has Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shwetha Tripathi in the lead roles. The film’s director Shlok Sharma does not however take a moral position on the story nor pass any judgement on a complex subject.

Brahman Naman

The film is directed by Qaushiq Mukherjee who is better known for his 2010 Bengali film Gandu. It represents the lives of some sex- starving teenagers from the 1980s. The film’s story is written by the famed journalist and author Naman Ramachandran who added a little bit of his own experiences when growing up in Bangalore. However, the film was never released in India due to its overdose of the sexual content.