7 Best Hollywood Action Movies of All Time


Movies are based on a particular genre of comedy, romantic, thriller, horror, action etc. every genre movies have its own following. But some genres are very common that everyone loves to watch such as comedy, action, romantic etc. here we are going to see the 10 best action movies. Have a look at this list of the best Hollywood action movies and see if your favourite is missing from the list.

1. Fast and Furious

It is a series of action films which deal with illegal street racing, robberies through spying as an undercover agent. The series includes 8 films, 2 short films and a spin-off film too. Universal Pictures are the distributors of this Fast and Furious action franchise by Vin Diesel.

2. Avengers

The superhero film is another best action movie. It is based on the Marvel comics with the same name. The story roams around the team of superheroes who are divided into two groups to win over the situation emerged by Tesseract. The movie was released in 2012 by Kevin Feige.

3. The Transporter

The action film franchise released four films under the name of ‘Transporter’ by 20th Century Fox. The story is based on a professional freelance courier driver and a martial artist, who falls down into dangerous situations and comes out every time by resolving them. The 4 movies are released in a row through this franchise in which the first was streamed in 2002.

4. Logan

It is a superhero film based on Marvel Comics character Wolverine. It is the tenth movie in X-Men series and the third but last movie of Wolverine series. The movie roams around an aged Wolverine and extremely ill Professor X who are defending the new mutant Laura from their rivals. This movie was released in 2017 and was a blockbuster.

5. Die Hard

This movie is all about the story of an off-duty NYC police officer who gets trapped with a terrorist gang. The story is originally based on the book by the title “Nothing Lasts Forever”. The movie was released in 1988 and was directed by John McTiernan. It is one of the best action movies of its time.

6. Wonder Woman

A character of a superhero from the DC Comics is the theme of this movie directed by Petty Jenkins. It is a story of a Diana who rescues an American pilot, tells her about the World War. She thinks the war is because of past rivalry and she leaves her home to end the war. The movie was streamed in 2017.

7. Black Panther

The movie which was released recently in 2018, made its place within best action films. The story is based on Marvel comics with the same name. The story is all about an African superhero who combats with his rival who is his relative.

These are some of the movies that are picked from the all-time best action movies. As these movies are action packed, they are sure to entertain you and give you the best bang for the buck. Watch them if you haven’t already.