5 Best Video Game Movies of All Time


Getting a video game movie right is one of the most daunting challenges that any movie has to face. Most of the movies do not perform well as they fail to live up to their original game versions or sometimes leave the viewers in confusion altering the theme of the game.

Yet there are quite a few earners at the box office which seem to have no trouble being embraced by the audience. Here are 5 such movies that were hit among the gaming community and movie buffs.

1. Street Fighter

The Street Fighter movie was based on a game with the same name and even has some costumes and scenes jumped straight out of the videogame. However, the movie tried to cram too many characters but didn’t have enough time for them all. Yet it performed well at the box office and earned almost $100 million compared to its $35 million budget.

2. Mortal Kombat

Earning $ 122 million at the box office against its $18 million budget, this movie is one of the most successful movies adapted from a video game. The movie adaptation stays very close to the original game and is full of showdowns that will stay in the minds of the viewers for a long time. The movie is still considered as one of the best to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

3. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

This is also one of the best screen adaptations of a very famous video game that did well at the box office too. The movie was very entertaining but didn’t have much in substance. Yet, it earned over $336 million against it budget of $200 million. There’s an equal mix of drama, action and romance which helped the movie perform pretty well.

4. Resident Evil

This Paul Anderson’s film adaptation of the most enduring video game of all time. The movies success can be attributed to the charisma of Milla Jovovich and its villain Red Queen. However, the movie is very devoid of the original game and missed many elements that were otherwise considered as best players. The film series accrued a whopping $1.233 billion against its budget of $290 million.

5. Tomb Raider

This Roar Uthaug’s film is without question one of the best movie adaptations of the wonderful video game. While it may not be among the top ten films of the year, it will definitely stay around for a while and will be remembered as one of the great movies. Alicia Vikander has definitely pushed beyond her limits to make the movie a hit. Its budget was around $106 million while it earned more than $260 million.